The Journey Method Online
Heal Your Life And Set Yourself Free in Six Profoundly Transformative Weeks With The Journey Method Online
Powerful Tools, Secrets and Life-Changing Methods…
All Designed Help You To:
  •   Understand why and how your emotions have a significant impact on your health
  •   Experience deep joy, fulfilment and freedom by clearing out the residue of old emotional wounds and traumas
  •   Stop ‘looping’ in our negative self-talk and old stories of hurt, criticism or judgement 
  •   Learn how to truly forgive others, yourself, life... and discover the real peace inside 
  •   Develop a lifelong set of skills to get to the root cause of your issues and resolve them 
  •   Release your past traumas and access your body’s profound natural healing capacity  
  •   Realize and genuinely appreciate the gifts and blessings you already have in life  
  •   And much, much more!  
Take your next step now and join like minded others who have decided to take proactive steps to transform and radically heal their lives.

You will receive daily, short, powerful instructions on how to improve your health, boost your joy and uncover your true potential, including inspirational online sessions, PDF's, videos and worksheets.
Everything You Need To Release Your Past Traumas and Set Yourself Free
The Journey Method Online is a live and recorded program specifically designed to connect you to your body’s wisdom and liberate you from longstanding physical and emotional issues - using the Journey processes that have already transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people from all backgrounds and cultures around the world. 

Journey Method Online includes:
  •  Pre-recorded video program with Brandon Bays 
  •   Live trainings and coaching calls with Arnold Timmerman  
  •   Individual caretaking from a private pod of supporters led by a highly experienced Journey Accredited Practitioner as pod leader  
  •   Intensive online support from Arnold, Journey Coaches and the Life Transformation Community  
  •   Journey process scripts, for deep and lasting life transformation, in up to 10 different languages  
  •   Weekly Journey process swaps, to keep letting go of painful life issues  
  •   Bonus resources... we’ll let you know, and they are all designed to directly support you and make sure you get the most you possibly can out of this remarkable course 

Module 1: Give Up Your Limiting Beliefs

For a long time hidden limiting beliefs have been telling you what you can or cannot do, about what is possible or impossible.

The Journey gives you access to the deep-seated restricting beliefs that are stored in your body, in your cells.  

During this module you will undergo a spring-clean, you’ll ‘sweep out’ some of the core limitations that have held you back on so many levels in life. 

Module 2: Me And My Emotions

All of our decisions, all of our longings, in fact the quality of all our experiences in life are determined by emotions. And yet we have been conditioned, through what happened in the past and through what our environment has been teaching us, to not fully feel but to suppress or avoid our true emotions. Over time this has led to a loss of authenticity, joy and vitality, and even health. 

During this week we will zoom in on what emotions really are, why it’s so important to have a healthy relationship with them and how The Journey’s ‘Gentle Emotional Welcome’ can help you begin to free yourself and regain a positive and purposeful life force. 

Module 3: Your Emotional Journey

This is the week where you will learn and undergo the Emotional Journey Process. It’s The Journey’s foundational introspection that has helped millions of people around the world to heal from emotional, mental and physical struggles. 

The Emotional Journey Process will help you uncover the emotional shutdowns that have been stored in your cells, open with the true underlying emotions, clear out the associated pains, reconnect with the essence of who you really are and allow the body and being to start its natural process of healing and transformation. 

Module 4: Your Physical Journey

Now that the body knows that it can be emotionally open, you will learn yet another tool to access and clear out the negative conditioning, the painful energies that have been limiting your experience of freedom, health, vitality and energy.

The Physical Journey Process will take you on a revealing exploration through the body that will allow you to uncover and clear out cellular memories, the old imprints, that have prevented you from living a life of wellbeing.  

It’s a powerful tool that has been used around the world by adults and kids alike, at home, in practices and even in hospitals and schools. 

Module 5: Advanced Skills I

During this week you’ll be immersed in the powerful techniques developed by Brandon over many years in her private practice and thousands of Journey processes.  

You will learn how to break through any challenges that might occur during the Emotional and the Physical Journey Processes. What to do if no feelings show up, what to do with reoccurring thoughts, how to handle physical resistance or shutdown and how can you work with different issues like addictive behaviour, relationship conflicts or physical pain. It will all become part of your knowledge and experience. 

Module 6: Advanced Skills II

With all of your newly discovered Journey knowledge and experience to hand, you’ll dive into the realms of pure compassion, love, freedom, purity and wisdom. You will learn techniques that allow the emotional, mental and physical freedom created by The Emotional and Physical Journey to deepen to a whole new level. 

And of course by now you will know that nothing within The Journey gets taught without letting you experience it firsthand. So you get to practice these amazing skills in another Journey process. This is the moment when all that you have learned in the past six weeks will fall elegantly into place.   
60-Day Membership to Life Transformation Community

Life Transformation is a community of conscious, loving people who are committed to living extraordinary lives and supporting others in doing the same. Journey presenters and coaches are active in the Community every day so you get a lot of access to them.

This is one of the most important elements in the Journey Method Online. Besides constant support, you will discover and learn valuable extra processes for your Journey Method Online program. 

7-Day Immersion Program

Once you finished The Journey Method Online Program, we want to make sure that you ‘get’ how everything you learned can be integrated in your day-to-day life. 

The 7-day immersion is designed to do exactly that. For seven consecutive days you will receive a 10-minute video packed with helpful tips and exercises.

This mini-course is our gift to you, where you’ll realise even more deeply how practical The Journey tools are in creating ongoing change on an emotional, mental and physical level - in all areas of your life!
6 CD Unreleased Master Series

Planned as a future series CD-set for €295, this is an exclusive offer for you. 

You get 6 Master Meditations bundled together as a download that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

Among others covering topics of relationships and your inner judge.
Private Online Group Meetings With A Journey Practitioner (Pods)

We have 20 experienced Journey coaches supporting this program who offer private online group meetings to support your progress and especially Journey process. They are from a wide variety of timezones and cover all the different continents, so regardless where you live, you will be able to participate in group meetings on your own timezone. 

We'll be using all the amazing transformation tools available to offer as much support as possible and make sure that every participant gets the individual support they need – and we guarantee that nobody will be left behind. 
BONUS Meditations (1+ hours)
Powerful meditations and introspections guided by Brandon and available to you anytime anywhere:

- Healing Breath Meditation
- Healing Shower Meditation
- Effortless Being Meditation
- Healing Sand Meditation

All together more than an hour of healing and transformational meditations.
Creating Space for Personal Healing (€68 bonus)

We’ll share with you detailed instructions on how to create space for personal healing based on our years of running Journey seminars.

This comprehensive guide includes the secret Journey Spray recipe so you can make your own spray at home.
Transformation Tracker (€49 bonus)

Transformation Tracker is a superb tool if you wish to focus and bear witness to your ongoing personal growth over time. Often we lose track of our progress and we wonder if we're even changing at all. 

By logging our steps forward, we stay motivated and focused in our pursuit of health and wellness. This is what this Tracker is all about.
The Journey’s 6-Week Life Transformation Program is currently running. 
The next intake starts in Spring 2019.
By joining the priority notification list 
you’ll get to hear about the program first:
You will receive an email which you have to confirm to be on the priority notification list. 
Please check your email now and confirm you want to hear about the program first.
Confirmation From Other People That The Journey Method Online Works:
This is a small sampling of the people whose lives have dramatically
improved as a result of The Journey Method Online program.
“Within A Few Weeks Depression Disappeared Completely 
And Has Not Returned!”

"When I began the Journey Method Online course I had a successful career but had suffered from severe depression since childhood and been on anti-depressants for many years. During the first week of the JMO the intensity of my depression began to lessen. Within a few weeks it disappeared completely and has not returned!

From a life-time of feeling like a victim, the Journey processes have allowed me to begin to heal both emotionally and physically, to open my heart and clear redundant fears, beliefs and stories that were limiting me. As a result I had the confidence to go off the anti-depressants and had absolutely NO side effects, compared to when I had previously tried and failed because of withdrawal symptoms of 24/7 suicidal thoughts.

I have never before in my life felt so alive and relaxed with such a daily sense of well-being and joy. I no longer suffer from the insomnia I’d had since a child and I now love living on my own, which previously had been my greatest fear. At every step I’ve felt personally supported and inspired by Brandon and the amazing team of JMO presenters, coaches and fellow participants.

The Journey requires real commitment to change and determination. If you are ready for change, I highly recommend the Journey Method Online. It will give you remarkable tools and support to bring real healing, inner peace and contentment into your life. "

Dr. Victoria King | Artist and writer, Northern England | JMO Sept 2018
„It's Important That We Check In Regularly To Know Where We Are On The Journey“

"My eyes had been feeling funky for some time, so I set as general intention to the JMO course to see more clearly whatever needs to be seen. A week into the course I also had my first eye exam. The doctor told me I had too much pressure in my eyes and also a visible glaucoma, as she could see damage to the optic nerve. 

I was scheduled a complete computer scan of the eyes four weeks later on an appointment „just before lunch break so we will have plenty of time to talk about everything“. At the appointment the doctor started off telling me all about the normal form of the optic nerve and the possible progression of the glaucoma and then she showed me the scans.  

She watched them for a long time and then said, „They’re all in the normal range, well…how good we have computers…sometimes we make mistakes…but the pressure!…oh! it's in the normal range as well…“.

And then, turning to me, she literally said „It's important that we check in regularly to know where we are on the journey“ - which of course meant something completely different to me than she intended. "

Hélène Lindqvist | Singer & Vocal Coach, Germany  | JMO Sept 2018
“People Have Commented On How Well I Look On The Outside, Glowing And Younger”

"I have tried many-many different techniques over the years. Some worked but I often found myself slipping back into old patterns, old reactions and I knew that I needed to go deeper. I wanted to find the reason why I felt blocked, aware of low lying emotions such as low self esteem, doubt, low immune system and a range of other issues I have trained and read extensively about.

In Journey Method Online I felt nervous at first. I found it hard to show my emotions as being a therapist myself I felt that it was "wrong" for me to admit to my own failings. But after just one session with one of the other students I was deeply touched by their honesty, moved by their commitment to improve, astonished at the relief I felt and have experienced healing both physically and emotionally.

One Journey process in particular helped me to release my stomach issues - a later medical procedure confirmed that I was "all clear". Now, I feel hope for the future, confident in myself and my ability to transform using this technique, all I can ask for is more! I am so glad I did it.

One interesting side effect has been that many people have commented on how well I look on the outside, glowing and younger, if only they knew how amazing I feel inside! "

Joanna O'Brien | Hypnotherapist, UK  | JMO Sept 2018
"It’s Such Great Value For Money And It Is Worth It"

"I love how accessible the coaches are. I love that you continually email, post online and continue to keep us engaged and moving forward. The honesty and vulnerability expressed throughout the program is admirable and encouraging for me to do the same. 

I love that we have access to the full transcripts so we can continue to practice once the program is finished. I think you have all done an AMAZING job and I am grateful to be a part of it!

I have been able to access old memories and free myself emotional attachment. The live calls and meditations contained within the videos are very powerful and have allowed me to concentrate on myself for that time.  

Financially it was an issue but I decided I am worthy of spending this money. I do believe it’s such great value for money and it is worth it. The skills I’ve learnt so far are ones that I will use long after this program – hopefully this Journey work will become more of a way of life rather than just another course that long gets forgotten. I also hope to teach these skills to my children so they can also benefit. 

I would recommend the course and am very happy to be a part of this community of like-minded people.” 

Nicole Bennett | Australian mum of three, self-employed
"People Have Started Saying I Look Different, Lighter"

"I feel all the Journey work is starting to make a difference...people have started saying I look different, lighter. I am really grateful to be able to participate in this course and feel very supported."

Jarichje Moeshart | Hypnotherapist
Here’s What You Get When You Join The Journey Method Online Now
This Program is 100% Designed to Work in Solving Whatever is Holding You Back
Transformation Tracker
Transformation Tracker is a superb tool if you wish to focus and bear witness to your ongoing personal growth over time.
Often we lose track of our progress and we wonder if we're even changing at all. By logging our steps forward, we stay motivated and focused in our pursuit of health and wellness. 

This will be used weekly in the Journey Method Online programme to track your progress better than ever.
Here's a Summary Of Your Journey Method Online 6-weeks+ Journey
If you decide to go on this journey to transform your life using The Journey tools, you’ll get unique teaching, wisdom and support from Brandon Bays, Arnold Timmerman and 20+ praticipating Journey Practitioners.

But more than that, you’ll undergo your own private healing journey once a week, for six whole weeks.

Up until last year, attending a live Journey seminar was the only way to learn and experience the Journey Method from Brandon directly. We wanted to make a home study version that anyone could afford and use in the comfort of their own homes. 

That's exactly why we’ve carefully designed and put together this program… 
The Journey Method Online.

The Journey Method Online allows everyone new to The Journey to fully learn the tools and undergo deeply liberating healing work. And for those who have already attended Journey seminars and retreats, it will provide a powerful program to connect with our Trained Journey Practitioners and deepen in the self-discovery process from home. 

Our team will be here with you every step of the way during your six weeks in this LIVE program, and hopefully beyond. No-one else offers this depth of support and immense life-changing wisdom for such a small investment. You will see once you get inside the Life Transformation Community how much ..., safety and generosity is available for you there. You just need to take one small step... make the decision, and say "YES!"
Up until now, attending a live Journey seminar was the ONLY way to learn and experience the Journey Method from Brandon directly.

We wanted to make a home study version that anyone could afford  —and use— in the comfort of their own homes.

Now with the Journey Method Online, you can undergo this deeply liberating healing work in your OWN HOME! And it’s 100% designed to solve whatever's holding you back.

Journey Method Online is designed to work as a live seminar - the whole group starts and finishes together, and you'll be sharing the processes with each other.

You'll find yourself supported by the hand-selected Journey coaches who'll give you vast personalized attention to help you through your personal questions.
The Journey’s 6-Week Life Transformation Program is currently running. 
The next intake starts in Spring 2019.
By joining the priority notification list 
you’ll get to hear about the program first:
You will receive an email which you have to confirm to be on the priority notification list. 
Please check your email now and confirm you want to hear about the program first.
Our Global Journey Family Is Waiting
With Open Arms... Come And Join Us!
In the past 25 years The Journey Method has spread across the globe and is now available in 48 countries and translated into 19 languages. It's considered one of the most powerful healing modalities available anywhere, and attracts people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the powerful, tangible and lasting results the work delivers. 

We welcome you with open hearts to join us on the journey of your life, in what is some of the most powerful, healing work available in our time.  

The program is designed to guide you to experience real fulfillment and wholeness in every aspect of your life
- emotionally, physically, spiritually, in relationships, even in your business life and career.

We've spent the last seven years developing and testing this programme online with thousands of people whose feedback has shaped it into the truly comprehensive training that it is today.

In just six weeks you’ll receive all the tools and insights you need to get real, lasting results - and you’ll be guided and supported in the most elegant way imaginable.

It all starts within you - if you're ready to genuinely transform your life into one of wholeness and fulfillment, this is a fully guided programme where you can do your inner work in a safe and supportive environment. 

Your journey starts right here, with you! 

What Have Other Participants Said About the Program?
"Processes I Had Never Done Before Were So Powerful"

“I was amazed that the processes I had never done before were so powerful. I also like to watch Brandon's videos. I feel her love and looking at her eyes, I feel that she’s just in front of me, her presence is very strong. I cry watching every new video due to her vibration; I feel it coming from her heart going directly into mine.”
Joelle Bert, France
"Just Like Ten Weeks of Journey Intensive"

“One of the benefits is to read all the sharing on Facebook, share myself and learn from the clients and from the fellow coaches. Another benefit is to “be together” for several weeks and not only for a JI-weekend. It feels like an ongoing embrace and a mutual beneficial growing.”
Iris Patricia Furer
Coach for RHJ program, summer 2013, Switzerland
"It's My First Internet Based Process and I Have Been Amazed"

“It's my first Internet based process and I have been impressed by its ability to hold the space as if I was in a retreat.”
Aurora Kerr
Life Coach from Australia
"I Can Access the World of Beautiful People from My Own Living Room"

“There are a lot of resources and videos that I can use from my home and I can access the world of beautiful people, all willing to learn and move forward in their journey of being free and able to reach their highest potential. The variety of processes and techniques to reach the point of release and realization of the internal limits or silent saboteurs that hold us in the behavior of smallness and to then realize the truth of who we really are.”
Malcolm Gibson
Dad from Australia
"I Never Believed In Online Programs, But This Time It’s Been Really Worth It"

“I have never had any success with internet programs because of my lack of technical knowledge and the fact that I don't like sitting in front of a computer to read for hours at a time. I avoid these kinds of programs unless I can participate live. So I decided this was worth trying for the first time and it really was. Support has been excellent.”
Sherry Auer
Retired Social Worker, USA
"I Was Skeptical At First, But I Really Enjoy It Now"

“The support from the coaches is amazing. Very nice to feel part of the group. It is so nice how everybody is sharing their wisdom and experiences. I was a bit skeptical at first, but really come to like it this now. In addition, module 3 about fears really hit home. And I like it that there is a Facebook Group too!”
Marina Maroulakis
Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Consultant at Philips, Netherlands
"It Is Such a Big WOW"

“My clients' processes have been remarkably deep. The "one minute mile effect" has dissolved so much of the resistance in the 'room'. I am truly in awe at just how much flow there is to this Journey. It is such a big WOW!”
Carolina Bookless
Coach for Journey Method Online program, Canada
"I Have Been Matched Miraculously With My Accountability Partner"

“Most of all I like my contact with my accountability partner. Sharing with her and swapping journeys with her is really what helps me heal. We have been matched miraculously and I’m very grateful to the Journey Team for partnering us.”
Anne Louise Bugge
Receptionist, Denmark
"I Feel the Support of the Community in My Every Day Life"

“The openness and sense of not being alone that is shared and felt on a daily basis.”
Jennifer Olensky
Former Office Worker, Waitress from New York
"It’s Great to Share Your Experiences with Likeminded People"

“The program has given me a focus to do something. I have used Journey work before but this has enabled me to really get back into it. This weekly format is a good structure and the community that is building should have lasting value. The sharing by everyone is really helpful and supportive. It is great to know that there are so many people going through the same things and are there to help. The other key benefit is the accountability partner, which again should last beyond the program and enable me to continue to use the tools to work on anything that comes up.”
Bridget Campbell
Retired Primary School Teacher, UK
"Can Participate Whenever And From Wherever"

“The program coaches me during everyday life, there are lot of people "with me", if I want to I could work with myself and with the program at different times (24 h). Now I'm a mother of a baby (and alone all the time) and so I can't go easily to a seminar or a therapist.”
Claudia Michel
nutritionist from Germany
"I Can Continue Even When The Program Is Over"

“I love that we have access to the full transcripts so we can continue to practice once the program is finished. I think you have all done an AMAZING job and I am grateful to be a part of it!”
Nicole Bennett
Australian mum of three, self-employed
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